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Your child will be falling asleep in under 10 minutes and sleeping through the night in just 7 days.


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How it Started

Are you tired of counting sheep, singing lullabies, and endless cups of coffee? If you are reading this at 1am because your toddler won’t stay in bed…. You’re in the right place!

Do you know that lack of sleep in toddlers is linked to emotional and cognitive issues such as impulsivity, anxiety, decreased brain development, and difficulty regulating emotions?

At Tiny Duck Parenting, we specialize in toddler sleep training, offering a comprehensive online toddler sleep training course designed to address the unique sleep challenges faced by toddlers. Our toddler sleep training course empowers parents with gentle techniques to ensure your little one enjoys restful nights paving the way for your child to master the art of sleeping through the night so their brains and bodies get the sleep they need to thrive!

How We Can Help You

Say goodbye to the cry-it-out method and hello to peaceful sleep and your toddler sleeping through the night in just one week.
All courses are designed for toddlers or children in an open crib or bed.


Online Course

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Teach your toddler to stay in bed and sleep soundly all night with our online toddler sleep training course, resources, and games. In one week, your family will be waking up refreshed and wondering what to do with the extra time you have now that bedtime isn’t an endless battle and your toddler sleeps through the night!


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With A Coach

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In addition to our online toddler sleep training course, you'll receive two coaching calls with our toddler sleep coach, Jennie to address your specific questions. With this option, you'll have all the guidance you need to confidently sleep train your toddler and say goodbye to sleepless nights!


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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the thought of sleep training your toddler, let us make it stress-free with our concierge option. Your toddler sleep coach will be in your ear guiding you step-by-step in real time, even in the middle of the night! Book a free session to learn more!

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“As a pediatrician, I believe I have more knowledge than the average parent on how to help toddlers with sleep, and despite my knowledge base, Week to Sleep taught me things I did not already know and helped me make changes that made a big difference”

Dr. Grant, Manhattan Valley Pediatrics

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What Well Rested Parents Say


This is geared towards toddlers and children in an open bed or open crib. If your toddler is climbing out of the crib, it is time to make the switch to an open crib or bed for your child’s safety.

Not at all! This has worked for children up to age 10! Your child is never too old to get the benefit of independent and restful sleep.

Forever! We want you to be able to use this course whenever you need.

We know you are a busy parent trying to juggle everything, so this course can be completed in a little over an hour- 66 minutes to be exact!

This course is designed for all families and all children. Even if your child is neurodivergent, you will likely get results. Occasionally neurodivergent children or children on medication struggle to produce enough melatonin and need medical support. However, we recommend starting with sleep training and seeing how your child does they might surprise you!

Occasionally we do promotions. However, we think $99 to get your toddler sleeping is pretty reasonable! If you are unhappy with the course, email us within 30 days for your money back.

There are other approaches that are ideal for a child in a crib still. This is geared for an open crib or bed. However, you will still benefit from much of what this course offers. We recommend you reach out for a call to talk through how to apply this course for a child in a crib.

Yes! This course is for all families in all situations. If you are ready for your child to have some independence with their sleep and sleep in their own room, this course is a great fit for you and your child.

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Meet Jennie and discuss how she can help make bedtime easier for your family. If applicable, it is best if both partners can participate!