Crafting Blissful Bedtimes: A Toddler Bedtime Routine Chart That Works Wonders

Welcome to Tiny Duck Parenting, where we believe in turning bedtime battles into bedtime bliss! Today, we’re diving into the world of toddler bedtime routines and unveiling the secret weapon every parent needs: the toddler bedtime routine chart.

Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to serene evenings filled with giggles, cuddles, and the sweetest dreams. Follow these key routine steps for a peaceful and consistent bedtime routine. Keep the routine the same each night, regardless of who does bedtime; the more predictable it is, the more your child will thrive and melt into a dreamy state of sleep.

Key Steps for a Peaceful Bedtime Routine


Kick off the bedtime routine with play at home! Your child likely spends a lot of the day away from home and wants time to play with their toys in their space. This is also a great time to read silly books or offer screen time before cutting the cord at dinnertime!

Connection Time

Before transitioning to the next step, take a few moments for connection. Share a heartfelt conversation, exchange a few loving glances, or simply hold hands. This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bond and set the stage for a peaceful bedtime. Your child craves your undivided attention—give them a solid 10-15 minutes of snuggles, love, and focus with no cell phones in sight.

Dinner Delight

A well-fed toddler is a happy toddler! Head to the dinner table for a nutritious meal, creating a calm and enjoyable environment.

Pro tip: Avoid screens at the table! Instead, turn on some music and eat as a family. If your child is a selective eater, consider eating in courses—offer the main course followed by a fruit, cheese, or snack course to ensure your child eats enough to sustain them throughout the night.

Brush ‘n’ Bath Bonanza

Combine hygiene and relaxation by incorporating tooth brushing into bath time. As the tub begins to fill, take the opportunity to brush their teeth, or even better, let them enjoy brushing their teeth while soaking in the warm bathwater! This dual-purpose step not only simplifies your routine but also makes the teeth-brushing wiggle struggle much easier. The end of the bath signals the beginning of the wind-down process. Dim the lights, add some calming bath bubbles, and let the soothing waters do their magic. Talk less, breathe deep, and let your child feel the blissful feeling of relaxation.

Pajama Parade

Transition smoothly from bath time to bedtime by getting dressed in the bathroom. This strategic move minimizes the chances of a post-bath sprint through the house, ensuring a seamless flow to the next steps. Bring in two PJ options before bed so your child can choose which pair from two options instead of a full drawer of endless choices.

Restroom Ritual

Before heading to bed, make a final restroom try. This ensures your little one goes to sleep with an empty bladder, promoting uninterrupted rest throughout the night.

Bedtime Books

Choose two short tales or one longer narrative to bridge awake and asleep time for your child. Read in a hushed, slow voice, creating a tranquil atmosphere that lulls them into the land of dreams.

Pro tip: if selecting books is a headache, choose before the bath, or better yet, put two pre-selected books on the bed or chair.

Goodnight Rituals

Wrap up the bedtime routine with special goodnight rituals. Give hugs and kisses, turn on the sound machine, and turn off the lights. Add a silent back rub for 3-4 minutes to deepen the relaxation. Then, leave the room, creating a sense of independence for your toddler.

Sweet Dreams

As your toddler settles into sleep, rest assured that the bedtime routine has worked its magic. The transition from playtime to dreamland has been a seamless journey filled with love, warmth, and security.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

The next day begins with a cheerful “Good morning!” Embrace the day with positivity and enthusiasm, ready to embark on new adventures together.

Toddler Bedtime Routine Chart Toddler Guide

We hope you find this comprehensive guide to establishing a peaceful toddler bedtime routine helpful in bringing tranquility to your evenings and creating lasting memories with your child. To make bedtime even more manageable, we’re excited to offer you a FREE printable toddler bedtime routine chart. This handy chart will assist you in ensuring that your toddler follows the bedtime routine consistently.

You may print and laminate the chart, allowing your child to cross off each night’s step. With an erasable marker, follow the arrows with their finger as they complete each task.

With this visual aid, your toddler will not only enjoy the routine. But also develop a sense of accomplishment as they check off each step. Plus, you’ll experience smoother and more peaceful bedtimes.

Incorporating a toddler bedtime routine chart is like weaving a magical spell that transforms bedtime into a cherished family ritual. So, gear up, parents, and watch bedtime become the highlight of your day! Sweet dreams await your little one, and peaceful evenings await you. Until next time, happy parenting from Tiny Duck!

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Jennie has helped so many families across the country make bedtime easy and enjoyable. She has been featured on Mommy Mingle, Parentville, corporate Google, and buybuybaby. Jennie’s favorite part of working with families is when a toddler runs to their parents in the morning exclaiming, “I did it, I am SO proud of me!