Overcoming Toddler Bedtime Struggles: A Success Story with Tiny Duck Parenting

The Classic Tale of Toddler Bedtime Struggles

It’s the classic tale of parenthood: the 3-year-old won’t stay in bed. Night after night, the toddler bedtime struggles ensue as parents everywhere attempt to coax their little ones into staying put. And believe me, I’ve been there too. The frustration, exhaustion, and endless cycle of bedtime battles can feel like an uphill battle with no end in sight. It was impacting my marriage and my productivity at work, and it was impacting my feelings towards my child. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and saw no end to the hopeless struggle night after night. I was stuck on a Groundhog Day of dreading going home and dreading my daughter’s bedtime because I was struggling with the dilemma of the 3-year-old won’t stay in bed.

A Success Story with Tiny Duck Parenting

Exploring All Possible Solutions

I had tried everything (or so I thought) prior to Tiny Duck Parenting. We had skipped naps, tried various sleep methods, reached out to friends, talked to our pediatrician, and tried melatonin. We were waiting to take our daughter to an ENT, but a friend told us about Tiny Duck Parenting, and while waiting to get on a doctor’s schedule, we figured it couldn’t hurt.

Discovering Tiny Duck Parenting

Enter Tiny Duck Parenting’s Week to Sleep Online program. With its innovative approach to toddler sleep training, this program has become a beacon of light for families like mine grappling with the age-old dilemma of the 3-year-old who won’t stay in bed. I hadn’t realized there was support for toddler sleep. All of my parent friends had talked endlessly about infant sleep, something we had never struggled with. But, no one talked about how hard toddler sleep was and how to fix it. When I checked in with other parents, they, too, struggled with sleep and didn’t know what to do.

Life Before Tiny Duck Parenting

Let me paint you a picture of what life was like before we discovered Tiny Duck Parenting. Every evening was a battleground, with our determined 3-year-old testing the limits of our patience as they repeatedly climbed out of bed, pleading for just one more story or a sip of water. And as much as we tried to enforce boundaries and establish a consistent bedtime routine, our efforts often felt futile in the face of our child’s relentless resistance.

My partner and I battling over the right move while our 3 year old paraded around the house, ended up in our bed, or with an ipad, or endless negotiating. She didn’t even seem tired at bedtime! We tried bedtime at 630pm, 7pm, 8pm, 10pm- no matter what time we did bedtime, it was the same routine of not staying in bed. We tried a relaxing bath, we tried no bath, we tried a high protein dinner, we tried snack before bed, we tried warm milk, I even considered having someone come and feng shui her bedroom- that’s how desperate we were!

The Turning Point: Week to Sleep Online Program

But then, like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, we found Tiny Duck Parenting’s Week to Sleep Online program. From the moment we enrolled, we knew we were in good hands. Finally, here was a program that understood the unique challenges of parenting a 3-year-old who won’t stay in bed, and offered practical solutions to help us overcome them.

The Power of Consistency

With Tiny Duck Parenting’s guidance, we learned the importance of consistency in establishing healthy sleep habits. We discovered strategies for setting clear boundaries and implementing a bedtime routine that worked for our family and for the three year old won’t stay in bed issue! And most importantly, we found a supportive community of fellow parents who were facing the same struggles and cheering each other on every step of the way. We got actual answers as to why our 3 year old won’t stay in bed and exactly what to do to fix it. Learning the science of sleep and ideal timing for our child’s bedtime was eye-opening. Additionally, we learned how to work as a parenting team to tackle this issue.Not to mention, this course didn’t take long. It got right to the point without fluff to get the answers and make a change quickly.

The First Nights: A Test of Resolve

It wasn’t always easy, of course. The first two nights tested our resolve, and we questioned whether we would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. But with the support of Tiny Duck Parenting’s team and teachings, we survived to tell the tale!

Progress and Success

After night 3, we began to see progress. Our 3-year-old started spending more time in bed and experiencing fewer nighttime awakenings. Bedtime became less of a battleground and more of a peaceful ritual, filled with cuddles and bedtime stories instead of tears and tantrums. It almost felt too good to be true. My partner and I held our breath and thought there was no way this could be working. But it really did. 

The Week to Sleep worked exactly as Jennie said in the videos. The first two nights were challenging, but we knew what to do. We had a plan, we stuck to it, and by night 3, our daughter was falling asleep and staying in her bed in just 30 minutes. By night 4, she just stayed in her bed at bedtime and slept through the night. The next night, it was the same. It has now been four months since we did the Week to Sleep and our daughter is still staying in her bed and falling asleep. Bedtime is easy. I actually enjoy it now, and so does my three-year-old.

Reflecting on the Transformation

Now, as I tuck my child into bed each night, I can’t help but marvel at how far we’ve come. Thanks to Tiny Duck Parenting’s Week to Sleep Online program, we’ve turned the tide on the bedtime struggle and reclaimed our evenings as a time of peace and relaxation. Since sleep training, our daughter has been sick and her sleep still did not suffer. We traveled for spring break and she still fell asleep and slept through the night. When we got home from traveling, we were concerned we would face the struggle of the three year old won’t stay in bed all over again, but our results held strong and she simply went to bed easily and stayed in her bed. We seriously can’t believe how easily this worked and how it continues to work.

Encouragement for Other Parents

So if you’re like me, grappling with a 3-year-old who won’t stay in bed, I urge you not to lose hope. With the right support and guidance, you can overcome this challenge and help your child develop healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. And with Tiny Duck Parenting by your side, you’ll have everything you need to make it happen. The Week to Sleep is a gift for yourself and your family. My partner and I enjoy bedtime, and we enjoy our three-year-old again. We have time to ourselves at night to relax, catch up on work and get the house ready for the next day. I can’t believe the transformation Week to Sleep provided our family.

Final Thoughts

If your family is struggling with the three year old won’t stay in bed nightmare, sign up for the Week to Sleep today. I can’t thank Jennie and the Tiny Duck Parenting team enough for this massive change in our bedtime. Our family is happier, well rested, and overall wants to spend more time together again. We have our nights back and our daughter is sleeping again. Jennie and Week to Sleep took our bedtime nightmare and turned it into sweet dreams.

Julia V., Mom of a reformed 3 year old won’t stay in bed, Gwennie

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Jennie is a certified sleep consultant with a background in Child and Adolescent Studies who specializes in teaching toddlers and children to choose to stay in their open bed, fall asleep independently, and sleep through the night. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies, and spending time in the classroom, she decided to follow her passion and move to New York City to become a professional theatre actress. Between shows, she worked as a nanny. One family had a toddler that couldn’t fall asleep without help, he refused to nap and would wake-up multiple times a night. Frustrated by the lack of resources for toddler sleep issues she became a certified sleep consultant. Relying on her education and experience, she then created Week to Sleep geared for toddlers in an open bed.

Jennie has helped so many families across the country make bedtime easy and enjoyable. She has been featured on Mommy Mingle, Parentville, corporate Google, and buybuybaby. Jennie’s favorite part of working with families is when a toddler runs to their parents in the morning exclaiming, “I did it, I am SO proud of me!