Sweet Dreams and Zero Pee Pees

Is the thought of night potty training your toddler making you feel absolute doom? Here are some simple tips to avoid derailing your toddlers sleep while you night train.

1. Ditch the pull-ups/diapers: Of course the dream is our toddler will magically stop going in the middle of the night and wake-up completely dry, sure, sometimes that happens, most of the time it doesn't. It is the pull-ups job to wick moisture away, so your child doesn't feel bothered when they go. If they don't feel when they go, they will not be able to learn to hold it. Ditch the pull-up or diaper for a week and see how it goes. If you child doesn't adjust, they might not be biologically ready yet. Check-in with your pediatrician.

2. Accidents: Know that as your child learns, there will be accidents, and that is okay. Give it a solid week at least for your child to adjust. Prepare for those accidents to get your child back to bed as quickly as possible. Have several clean, fitted sheets and new blankets on hand in the bedroom as well as a fresh pair of pjs. If you have a partner available, have one person see to the child and the other see to changing the bed.

The goal- keep lights dim and energy relaxed to keep your child drowsy.

2. Bed Prep: Make sure to have a plastic mattress cover and as listed above a few sets of extra sheets, blankets and pjs. Under the fitted sheet, use a pee pad that will help soak up the liquid. You can even layer several fitted sheets and several pee pads on a time to simply pull the top layer off and get your little one back in bed quickly.

3. Bedside Water: If your child sleeps with bedside water, decrease the amount you offer, they shouldn't be getting all their hydration at night, they should be sleeping!

4. Liquid Intake: Offer a ton of liquid earlier in the day, then around 4/5pm start keeping an eye on what your child is drinking, as well as a lot of trips to the restroom. Limit water consumption two hours before bedtime offering only small amounts at a time.

5. "Dream Pee": Before you go to bed or around midnight, carry your child to the restroom in dim light, set on the potty and whisper "you are on the toilet, go potty" then carry back to bed. This can help them ease into staying dry throughout the night.

6. Praise success: As with any success our toddlers have, celebrate it! Mention how proud you are then call a friend to share the news, have a dance party or a celebration parade around the kitchen!