Why Sleep Cycles Matter to Your Toddler

Let’s talk sleep cycles- do they matter? Heck yes mama! If you have a constant middle of the night waker sleep cycles might be at play.

Your toddler or child transitions from one sleep cycle to another and as they transition back into falling asleep and light sleep (several times a night) they wake-up a bit. If they don’t know how to fall asleep at bedtime without you, or they fall asleep in your bed and you carry them to their room- this can be very disorienting. Even a little change like turning off the nightlight or shutting the door can startle them to fully wake-up…Then you get a middle of the night bedside visitor!

How can you help your child easily transition from one cycle to another? Make sure room conditions are dark, cool and there is a white noise machine playing the entire night. More importantly, teach your child or toddler to fall asleep in their own at bedtime so they can fall asleep on their own in the middle of the night.