The 2 -Year- Old Sleep Regression

What to do with a toddler and a regression?

Hot take mama- sleep regressions in toddlers aren't real. Yep, I said it. Take a moment and let that digest. As a toddler sleep consultant, here's why I say that:

Typically around age 2, your child's sleep will change, but I would not at all label this a regression. A regression is something that doesn't need to be addressed and will simply go away in a week or two, what is happening with your toddler is likely not this.

If any of this is sounding familiar, I encourage you to make a change to your toddlers sleep routine now. It is important we teach our children to fall asleep on their own, as this is going to be their reality for a long time. Bedtime is a good time for your toddler to learn independence, being alone with themselves and their thoughts, learning to calm themself- these are all important skills for your toddler to work on. This also gives you time to take care of your needs as a parent and connect with your partner.

So although around age 2 parents typically see a major change in their toddler's sleep, this is not a regression, this is a new stage of life that requires your toddler to work on learning new skills and gaining independence.