The 2 -Year- Old Sleep Regression

How to deal with toddler sleep regression

Hot take mama- sleep regressions in toddlers aren’t real. Yep, I said it. Take a moment and let that digest. As a toddler sleep consultant, here’s why I say that:

Typically around age 2, your child’s sleep will change, but I would not at all label this a regression. A regression is something that doesn’t need to be addressed and will simply go away in a week or two, what is happening with your toddler is likely not this.

If any of this is sounding familiar, I encourage you to make a change to your toddlers sleep routine now. It is important we teach our children to fall asleep on their own, as this is going to be their reality for a long time. Bedtime is a good time for your toddler to learn independence, being alone with themselves and their thoughts, learning to calm themself- these are all important skills for your toddler to work on. This also gives you time to take care of your needs as a parent and connect with your partner.

So although around age 2 parents typically see a major change in their toddler’s sleep, this is not a regression, this is a new stage of life that requires your toddler to work on learning new skills and gaining independence.

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Jennie is a certified sleep consultant with a background in Child and Adolescent Studies who specializes in teaching toddlers and children to choose to stay in their open bed, fall asleep independently, and sleep through the night. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies, and spending time in the classroom, she decided to follow her passion and move to New York City to become a professional theatre actress. Between shows, she worked as a nanny. One family had a toddler that couldn’t fall asleep without help, he refused to nap and would wake-up multiple times a night. Frustrated by the lack of resources for toddler sleep issues she became a certified sleep consultant. Relying on her education and experience, she then created Week to Sleep geared for toddlers in an open bed.

Jennie has helped so many families across the country make bedtime easy and enjoyable. She has been featured on Mommy Mingle, Parentville, corporate Google, and buybuybaby. Jennie’s favorite part of working with families is when a toddler runs to their parents in the morning exclaiming, “I did it, I am SO proud of me!