The Pivotal Decision: Sequencing Potty Training and Sleep Training

Dear parents and caregivers, we find ourselves at the crossroads of parenting once again, faced with the pivotal decision of when to commence the delicate processes of potty training and sleep training and which should come first. Let’s delve into the intricate nuances of this debate and unravel a profound insight that will guide your parenting journey.

Potty Training: A Monumental Undertaking

The prospect of transitioning your child from diapers to the potty is a journey that many parents undertake with hope and trepidation. While the promise of a diaper-free existence is tantalizing, the road to achieving this goal is rife with challenges and comedic moments that would rival a Shakespearean comedy.

Picture your home as a canvas, and your toddler as a budding artist, generously dabbing their unique “artwork” in every conceivable corner. Potty training is one of the first major things your child will learn, but it is exhausting for everyone involved and can lead to frustration, holding out, meltdowns and a lot of mess. It is a lot for anyone to handle. The end result will be worth it, but it will take patience and persistence from the entire family.

Sleep Training: The Tranquil Paradox

Contrastingly, sleep training has the potential to be the tranquil paradox of child-rearing. The experience of soothing a restless infant or toddler into a peaceful slumber can be akin to a serenading symphony, with each night bringing the promise of a harmonious rest for all.

Here’s the mic-drop moment, folks: Sleep training first, potty training second. It’s not just a recommendation; it’s a parenting life hack. When your little bundle of energy is well-rested, they’re more receptive to new ideas, and their attention span doesn’t rival that of a goldfish. Sleep-deprived toddlers might not even remember where they left their favorite toy, let alone that fancy new potty you bought them! Potty training takes a lot of parenting bandwidth and if you are exhausted and sleep deprived you are fighting an uphill battle. Not to mention, it will be much harder for your little one to emotionally regulate and learn something new if they aren’t getting the rest their brain and body needs each night.

So, before you dive headlong into the messy and confusing world of potty training, make sure your tot is getting their beauty sleep. It’ll save you countless headaches, wet patches on the carpet, and the need for a lifetime supply of cleaning supplies.

In conclusion, dear parents, the choice between potty training and sleep training is like picking between a rock and a hard place. But if you’re looking for some sanity in this tumultuous journey, make sure you lay the foundation with a well-rested child. Once that’s sorted, you’ll be on your way to conquering the potty training challenge with all the grace of a seasoned parent.

Happy parenting, and may the potty odds be ever in your favor!

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Jennie is a certified sleep consultant with a background in Child and Adolescent Studies who specializes in teaching toddlers and children to choose to stay in their open bed, fall asleep independently, and sleep through the night. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies, and spending time in the classroom, she decided to follow her passion and move to New York City to become a professional theatre actress. Between shows, she worked as a nanny. One family had a toddler that couldn’t fall asleep without help, he refused to nap and would wake-up multiple times a night. Frustrated by the lack of resources for toddler sleep issues she became a certified sleep consultant. Relying on her education and experience, she then created Week to Sleep geared for toddlers in an open bed.

Jennie has helped so many families across the country make bedtime easy and enjoyable. She has been featured on Mommy Mingle, Parentville, corporate Google, and buybuybaby. Jennie’s favorite part of working with families is when a toddler runs to their parents in the morning exclaiming, “I did it, I am SO proud of me!